We have been working for more than 27 years with the automotive industry in Mexico carrying out vehicles inspections at the ports of Altamira, Veracruz and Lazaro Cardenas


Pre-Load inspection takes place at the LPR, the vehicle’s Last Point of Rest. That means at the port’s pre-load storage from which the vehicles are directly driven on board without additional parking anywhere.
It is inspected each and every vehicle’s front, hood, both sides, roof, rear, trunk and all four wheel / tires for damage, deficiencies, missing items and / or spillage.
Passenger cabin is reviewed for considerable dirt on upholstery, carpets, door liners, etc. as well as for breakage and / or theft of items attached to the car.
Otherwise contents can be checked if there is a Packing List or a Vehicle Shipping Order (SVO) available or supplied by the client.